Let's nurture a planet?

Available for free from the App Store, Play Store, Windows Store and App World

Everything is up to you!

You are in charge of the evolution of a miniature ecosystem: a small planet with only water, mineral resources and a protective atmosphere.

Which plants are you going to sow? Choose between different types of flower, trees and edible fruits. And take good care of your crops so that they always remain healthy.

Different and funny animal species will appear as the planet matures. But be alert! They need care, sleep and proper food, otherwise your little planet can get out of balance...

To Fathers and Educators

EquiLibra is a digital toy developed specially to stimulate the ecological conscience in kids.

  • Adjusts itself to the pace of the child
  • Works with concepts related to interdependence, conservation and balance in a ludic manner
  • No in-app purchases or ads


Each little planet evolves in a particular way. Capture screenshots of your world and share with your friends!

Available as a free download (Brazil only):